I'm a reportage photographer located in Dnipro Moscow Tel Aviv  🗽 New York specializing in music- and street- photography, an earnest yuccie longing for knowledge through activity, and a restless cosmopolitan who seeks his muse across the border of genres.

I've gained the reputation of a true pro during my work with some famous bands and artists - Milky Chance, Die Antwoord, Gogol Bordello, John Lydon, and more, as well as with the international music platforms- Russian Media Group, NME Russia, and BandsInTown.

I've photographed more than 500 concerts. Sounds solid, right? 😎

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⚠️ I publish photos in my portfolio in a pretty high resolution, but this doesn't mean that I allow any of you to use them. Do you like the photos and want to share them with your friends? No problem, tag me. Do you want to print some of my photos? Contact me, and we figure out what we can do with it. Do you want to use these photos for commercial purposes or ads? Please contact me via email.
If you violate copyright, I'll find you and tear your balls off!

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